Extraction method of sweet potato purpurin



The invention relates to sweet potato natural purpurin, in particular to an extraction method of sweet potato purpurin. The invention is characterized in that the method comprises the following steps: adopting an acidic alcoholic solution for extraction; carrying out absorption on coarse extraction liquid by macroporous resin; then, using an ethanol solution for elution; carrying out pressure reduction concentration to obtain purpurin concentration liquid; heating the concentration liquid to 50 to 80 DEG C; preserving the heat for 5 to 60 minutes; cooling the solution to a temperature below 10 DEG C; carrying out sedimentation for 2 to 24 hours; carrying out centrifugation or filtration to obtain supernatant fluid of the sweet potato natural purpurin; and carrying out refrigeration or spray drying to obtain the sweet potato natural purpurin. The invention aims at overcoming the defects of the prior art, and providing the extraction method of the sweet potato purpurin with the advantages of high extraction yield, short extraction time, low energy consumption, environment protection, high product purity, good quality, low production cost and the like.




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