Method and device for emulating cell layout



The invention discloses a method for emulating cell layout, which comprises the following steps of: taking an original point as a starting point to generate three original vectors each two of which from an included angle of 120 degrees, wherein the lengths of the three original vectors are equal to a specified length; adopting the three original vectors to perform calculations so as to acquire a specified number of intermediate vectors according to the total amount of cells required to be emulated, wherein all the intermediate vectors take the original point as the starting point, and in terminal points of all the intermediate vectors, the distance between each terminal point and an adjacent terminal point is equal to the lengths of the original vectors; dividing the vertical diameter of the cells required to be emulated by the specified length to acquire the scaling time; multiplying all the intermediate vectors by the scaling time to acquire emulation result vectors; and taking the terminal points of all the emulation result vectors as the emulation of the cell layout to acquire a cell central point. The invention also discloses a device for emulating the cell layout. The methodand the device for emulating the cell layout can avoid performing calculations on the distances and the included angles of each cell required to be emulated and a small central area so as to reduce the complexity of emulating the cell layout.




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