Eccentric wear resisting powder paint of oil well pipe



The invention discloses an eccentric wear resisting powder paint of an oil well pipe. The paint comprises the following raw material components by weight percent: 5-60% of epoxy resin, 1-40% of boron modified phenolic resin, 10-20% of silicon micropowder, 1-5% of zinc phosphate, 2-10% of polyether-ether-ketone and 0.01-55% of filler, pigment and a catalyst. The coating has good abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance as well as TABER abrasion (5000 turns/1000g) less than 30mg, and the thickness loss of the coating is less than 60mu m if a reciprocating friction test is carried out for 40myriad times in the environment of an oil field sewage soaking through 800N is loaded with a coupling belt; the surface of the coating is smooth, thus effectively improving the flowing efficiency of petroleum to above 25%; and because the glass transition temperature of the coating is high, the coating can be suitable for 5000-meter well depth and is capable of effectively preventing corrosion.




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