Dimming control method for display



The present disclosure relates to a dimming control method for a display. More particularly, the present invention relates to a dimming control method for a display including: a light-emitting device having a first light-emitting body having an active layer for generating first light through electron-hole recombination; and a second light-emitting body excited by the first light to emit second light having a wavelength longer than that of the first light, wherein said dimming control method comprises the steps of: adjusting the power to be supplied to the light-emitting device in accordance with a dimming request; and adjusting the brightness of the display in accordance with the adjusted power using the second light-emitting body containing a first fluorescent material having the characteristic that color coordinates shift in a first direction in accordance with the adjustment of power and a second fluorescent material having a characteristic that color coordinates shift in a second direction opposite the first direction.




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