Method for obtaining actual retention period of website visitor to webpage



The invention discloses a method for obtaining an actual retention period of a website visitor to a webpage. The method comprises the steps of: installing a monitoring JS (JavaScript) code to a website to be monitored through a code installing tool, judging whether a mouse position is found in the webpage every other 4s by the JS code, if yes, sending information to a cloud platform, receiving the information on the platform, adding 4s on the retention period in a database as the actual retention period, receiving information subsequently, continuously accumulating and calculating; and if not, enabling not to send the information to the cloud platform, wherein the final retention period in the cloud platform database is used as the actual retention period. By using a manner of sending the information to the server every other 4s, the error of the retention period of the visitor is reduced to be within 4s, thus the accuracy of the actual retention period of the visitor in the website is greatly improved.




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