Prior-to-drying pretreatment method of three-dimensional structure body, exhausted gas purification filter and production method thereof



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a prior-to-drying pretreatment method for obtaining a honeycomb filter which reduces time required for drying a honeycomb filter to which a catalyst solution sticks, the honeycomb filter being free from the increase of pressure loss since its micropores are not covered and filled up by a catalyst, carrying a plurality of catalyst components which are homogeneously carried on it, and having a large catalyst-carrying area, so as to solve the problem that more time is required when a catalyst is carried on a three-dimensional structure body, and the pressure loss after the catalyst is carried on it greatly increases and the catalyst is not homogeneously carried on due to the movement of catalyst components in a catalyst solution; and also provide a method for manufacturing the honeycomb filter and a catalyst-carried exhausted gas purification filter obtained by said manufacturing method. <P>SOLUTION: In order to prevent a catalyst solution 9 from covering and filling the micropores 8 of a three-dimensional structure body, the micropores 8 are degassed by subjecting the three-dimensional structure body to vacuum processing or the like. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】三次元構造体に触媒を担持させるとき、乾燥に時間がかかる、触媒担持後の三次元構造体の圧力損失が大きく上昇してしまう、触媒液中の触媒成分が移動してしまい触媒担持量に分布ができてしまうという課題があった。 そこで本発明は、触媒液が付着したハニカムフィルターの乾燥時間を短縮することができるだけでなく、微細孔が触媒に覆い塞がれていないため圧力損失の上昇が抑えられており、かつ複数の触媒成分が均一に担持され、かつ触媒担持面積の大きなハニカムフィルターを得るための、乾燥前処理方法と製造方法とを提供することを目的とする。また、その製造方法により得られた触媒担持排ガス浄化用フィルターを提供することも目的とする。 【解決手段】触媒液9が三次元構造体中の微細孔8を覆い塞がないようにするために、三次元構造体を減圧処理するなどの方法により、微細孔8内を脱気する。 【選択図】図1




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